These are tailored to the individual questions/concerns and requirements. They may be purely exploratory, i.e. to better understand a child and provide support, or they may be arranged as a full diagnostic pathway to consider an autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental diagnosis.

  • extended interview with parents to include full developmental history
  • standardised questionnaire measures to evaluate behaviour
  • school liaison or observation, if appropriate
  • direct cognitive assessment of the child or young person
  • additional neuropsychological assessment if indicated
  • additional standardised assessment of social communication and interaction using the ADOS-R and ADI-R; if indicated
  • 60-minute feedback session to discuss results and recommendations
  • detailed written report

Where necessary for formal diagnosis, and agreed with parents, administration and interpretation of these assessments is carried out in collaboration with an appropriately qualified clinical colleague, in accordance with the current NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines.


Total assessment time 5-8 hours